Moving Kids around Town with a Trikidoo

Now this is great. My colleague has just got hold of a Trikidoo, (just before the price went up as well), essentially a pedal rickshaw for children. It’s in a princess pink to please her two girls and it just looks great. She was determined not to use the car to drop the children off at school and nursery, but both locations are quite a reasonable walk from her house. In the forthcoming winter weather, the prospect of long walks in the cold with tired out children and a dog was pretty bleak. Now with this marvelous piece of pedal-powered people transportation, she’s going to find it so much easier and certainly much more fun.

Now my colleague is keen to customise this fine trike further, I have one of the famous Rivendell best bike bells in the world to give her, she’s looking into a front mounting basket for the doggy (at the moment he runs alongside) and a must for this caffeine addict, a cup holder. It already has a cargo bag under the back seat, but there’s loads of things that could be added – umbrellas, flags, extra bags – oooh, what about a trailer?

It certainly adds a much needed dose of cycle chic to the streets of Salisbury, it’s bound to be a talking point, and hopefully we’ll see a lot more of these around our towns soon.

And they're off. Note dog on left running alongside.

And off they go. Note dog running along side at the left.

Ting ting!

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  1. Excellent. I hope she has lots of fun with it. About 14 years ago we got hold of an already quite old Ken Rogers trike which had two child seats on the back, and together with the kids, my wife and I had many adventures right up to when our children grew too old to be ferried about in this way.

    We eventually sold it on to another family, but I often wish we’d kept it. Not only was it great for riding with kids, but also wonderful for carrying stuff.

    Anyway, I suppose I should mention that if she wants a bicycle basket, I can definitely help.

  2. Thanks for dropping by David – You’ll be happy to know that your reputation goes ahead of you, because I’d already recommended your baskets to her – having found you through GOM1’s blog. I shall encourage her further to chose your baskets. I also enjoyed your blog which I haven’t seen until now. I’ll be adding it to my blogroll forthwith.

    Thank you very much for reading

  3. wow – I saw one of these this morning and thought it was wonderful. I only wish I could afford something similar but single mum with no maintenance money – my little girl would love one of these and they are fab for cutting down on catching buses and those cold, wet days to nursery which for me is a 30 minute walk each way. If anyone knows of a charity that donates these could you let me know – many thanks.

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