The Orange Shopper

Here’s a picture of that Orange shopper/folder I was talking about in yesterday’s post. I’ve not seen one like it before. It’s probably come from one of the longboats on the canal, note how it’s covered in mud from the canal path. Having said that, a lot of people ride down the canal path from Trowbridge, or more likely Freshford or Avoncliff.

This is also a good chance to try out this facility of blogging from my Flickr page, directly from the photo in question. If it works, it saves me faffing about with links and uploads.

Additional Information

Right, zooming in on the original photo shows a decal saying ‘Ovomaltine’ this is no help with the providence of the bike because that’s the original and correct spelling of the product known as Ovaltine. The colour of the bike is the same as the Ovomaltine website though, curiouser and curioser! 

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  1. Damn, those biscuits look delicious.

  2. I can dig it! I even sent off an email to Ovaltine UK to see if it was some sort of promotional bike or something – perplexing. It looks like a neat bike so I’d love to know the make.

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  4. Hi! I was working for Ovomaltine in Germany and was responsible for the give-aways. So, I have this bike at home. It was produced in Switzerland. I think that there are just a few of these all over the world. Very rare! Maybe it was sent to marketing department UK (ABF-Associated British Foods)…?

    • Wow, thank you so much for posting this comment, Elle.That solves the mystery. It looks like a lovely bicycle, Do you ride the bike much?

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