Turbo-Training in the Workshop.

Well, I did manage to get onto the turbo trainer in the workshop and I coped with half an hour of spinning. Though in retrospect, starting the workout with Richter Scale Madness by …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, was somewhat foolish. I started at 23:50 and finished at 00:20, a different kind of nightride from the type I’m used to.

It was also a good chance to try out the merino wool base layer top I received for Christmas (actually this was the only bike related present I got, apart from Cycling Weekly’s winter fitness guide), it performed well. Riding stationary on the turbo trainer really shows how much the wind acts to cool a cyclist down. The temperature of the workshop rose sharply and halfway into the session the windows were steamed up and I was rolling up my sleeves.

I finished the spin to Indian Bones by Dead Meadow, the insistent rhythm promotes a healthy cadence for the wind down. A bit of stretching and a bath later, I felt much better for having spun the cranks and I’m pleased to report no pain or stiffness in the legs this morning.

Must get that bottom bracket fixed though