Bike Hero

Thanks to Novemberfive for the pointer on this one. Words fail me when confronted with the ingenuity of the people who set this up and created it. They’ve recreated the world of guitar hero – the little dots and on screen instructions and the scores and milestones, and applied it to a bike ride. The timing is perfect, but the set up to achieve it must have been incredible to organise. Even if this does turn out to be a viral marketing film (which wouldn’t surprise me) it’s still a fabulous piece of work and obsession. Hats off to the creators, whether they be an ad agency or a genuine group of Guitar Hero fans.


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Mutha Uckas on bikes

I have to admit, I’ve lost fitness. John was thrashing me on the hills yesterday and today I just felt tired. Couple the tiredness with a really hard day, involving edge of desperation learning on the job style ohmygodthismustbedonebycloseofplaytonight and Idon’tknowhowtodoit style action, and one has the recipe for a day from hell. rarely do I feel so close to The Bonk when I’m not on the bike. However, it all came good by the evening, mission accomplished workwise and hey, I found this on You Tube, it summed up my day, too many mutha uckas ucking with my shi’ –  and it has bikes so I can post it here:

Both my wife and I had particular trouble with aching sides and difficulty breathing due to laughter, particularly when it gets to the dropped out words in the last verse… Granny Smith… Mango…

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Bucky – The Bike That I Ride

I was lucky enough to go to college with some extraordinarily talented folk, two of whom were Joff Winterhart and Tom Stubbs. Here we see some footage, shot by Tom, of Joff and his chum Simon, playing together in their band Bucky. The track is called The Bike That I Ride and is featured on their terrific album All The New Mistakes, which can be purchased from here.

This is the only song they do about bicycles, other subjects include but are not limited to:

  • Glasses in rock
  • Raiding the trust fund to build a patio
  • Libraries
  • Girls called Mary
  • Teenage research
  • Swimming Pools
  • Dogs on acid

It’s full-on lo-fi garage rock. Yesterday’s music of tomorrow, today!

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