Uncle John’s Bike

Uncle John rides a mountainbike round the Devon lanes now, but a few decades ago he was one of the legendary Corsham Roadmen, time-trialing around the Wiltshire countryside early on a Sunday morning before the world was properly awake. Now his racer hangs from the ceiling, yet I feel it still seems to retain a certain power, a pent up energy perhaps suggested by the tension in the retaining straps, or maybe it’s the stripped down cleanliness of its lines, it just looks ‘ready to go’.

The Falcon hangs from the ceiling

The Falcon hangs from the ceiling

Steel clips and leather straps

Steel clips and leather straps

The well worn Brooks leather saddle show damage from Uncle John's Really Bad Accident

The well worn Brooks leather saddle shows damage from Uncle John's Really Bad Accident

Uncle John is a very busy man, every time we come to visit he’s hosting a family event, shifting something round, or sorting something out. One day soon I will talk to him at length about his days as a Corsham Roadman, and if he is willing, post about it here.

That bike has stories that must be told.

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Go Slow – with the Slow Bicycle Movement

Splendid work from those Slow Bicycle Danes, fresh out of Copenhagen and rolling laconically in your direction.

More slowness at The Slow Bicycle Movement.

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Picking up the car from the Garage, going via road resurfacing works, and all on a Brompton.

Drrring Drrring!

Drrring Drrring!

“Hello VW Audi Garage”

“Can I book my SEAT in for a service and MOT?”

“Yep, do you need a courtesy car?”

“No thanks mate, I’ve got it covered”.

The End

The End

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Respect to Shearer, Chiles and Cracknell- Sport Relief

From the BBC Sport Relief website:

Against all odds Newcastle and England football legend Alan Shearer and BBC presenter Adrian Chiles have completed their epic Sport Relief Super Cycle.
The duo were set a challenge of cycling 335 miles from Newcastle to London, via West Bromwich, in only two days.

After completing day one, riding 186 miles from Newcastle to Burton-on-Trent they still had it all to do.

But as Sport Relief kicked off at Television Centre on Friday the pair arrived on time to complete their task.

That is an epic ride, and a fantastic achievement by any standards. To give some idea, around 150 miles in one day is the maximum amount riders in the Tour de France will do. These guys had five hours sleep then got back on the bikes again.

Amazing work – and a great result for sport relief, £371,065

And also an astonishing achievement by James Cracknell, who has rowed, cycled and swum his way from the U.K. to Africa.  Spending an incredible 108 hours in the saddle over 10 days, more details here.

This is Herculean stuff, well done gentlemen.

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