The need for bacon compels me to ride.

The very next day after riding to the Railway Bridges, I had great need of bacon in the morning.

Ah Bacon, food of kings, breaker of vegetarians. Oft have I longed to partake of a sandwich stuffed with thy fulsome bounty, eaten fresh from the pan in a room redolent with the sweet whiff of thy preparation.

So I saddled up the Brompton and rode out into the splendor of the day in search of the magical pig product. The sky was deep blue, laced with gentle white and wispy clouds and the verges were humming with a chorus of grasshoppers and crickets, an insect orchestra performing a glorious symphony in praise of Summer. The sound took me back to cycling holidays in France with the original Highway Cycling Group. Glass bottles of Coca-Cola, handfuls of warm baguette broken from the stick of bread hanging off the panniers on my father’s bike. Poring over a michelin map, on the verge, dry white grass-stalks, heat haze, shimmering mirages on the dusty tarmac, and the steady insect hum from the crickets and grasshoppers.

Riding out of the village I passed the fields of sunflowers, now in full bloom, their faces seeking the light. The main road was busy and I was relieved to pull off into the local farm shop. Then, loaded up with sweet, sweet bacon, I rode back through Beckington to the village, where the bacon was then cooked and consumed.

Why, I even made you a little film of the ride using my compact digital camera. I’ve added some music by My Two Toms, I’m not sure what this track is called, it may even be unreleased, you lucky people.

Pootle to the Garage

Just a very quick ride today. The sun was trying to get through the clouds as I freewheeled out of the village on my Brompton. In no particular hurry I made my way over the A36 and up the old Bath Road hill into Beckington. About four fifths of the way up the hill I suddenly noticed an old Milestone. I’d seen this one before, but then it had been obscured by brambles all summer and I couldn’t remember whereabouts it was on the hill. Strangely, someone had actually recently cut the brambles right back. This hill is almost un-used, it was once part of the main road before the A36 was sent past Beckington, so there is no real practical call to see this very old milestone, however, I think it’s lovely that someone trimmed the brambles out the way, it gives the hill back a little of its dignity.

close up of the milestone
The lichen has all but covered up the lettering, which looks like it was once painted on. I suspect this was once a whiteish stone, as there is a similar stone on Rode Hill, although in much better condition.
I wonder who cut that bramble back, and why.
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