Never ride the route of a ride planned for a Sunday morning when it’s a Thursday lunchtime

Never have I encountered so many lorries, buses and impatient drivers as during a recent ride with my sister. She was due to take on the Trowbridge Triathlon and wanted to get an idea of the route before the day. So, as she works nights, and I work for myself a mere half a mile from my house, we decided to go out along the route on the Thursday lunchtime, a few days before the triathlon (which was on the Sunday). The first half of the ride was a nightmare as the A361 was heaving and angry, people squeezing past, dangerous overtaking and in some cases almost pushing us off the road.

Turning off the A36 was a relief, and it went well on the backroads around Dilton Marsh, until my sister failed to unclip from her SPDs at a junction, but still stopped. Crash Clatter Ouch!

We arrived back at Trowbridge sport centre 16 miles after setting off on the loop and met our stepmother, who took a photo.

After the nervewracking ride down the A361 in heavy traffic

After the nerve-wracking ride down the A361 in heavy traffic

Still it must have helped because my sister did not come last in the triathlon.

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  1. Yeah! Your A361 sounds like like many roads in Dallas Texas! Welcome to my world! Glad everybody got home safe.

  2. Congratulations on getting back in one peice. I know first hand how it can be around that area. Were you riding single or two abreast?. You gotta be careful out there. The roads can be dangerous for anyone from the pedestrian to the Truck Driver

    • Hi, no we wouldn’t dare ride side by side on that road, far too dangerous! I’m not one of those riders who will ride side by side no matter what, I’ll move back or tuck in when a car comes, even on a quiet country lane – no sense in exposing a driver to danger by making them go onto the opposing carriageway just to assert my right to ride side by side.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


  3. Well done. The roads certainly leave cyclists feeling very vulnerable. Sounds like you have a really good sense approach to it.

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