The Fecund Motion of the Soul: Of Salisbury bike shops and the sheer joy of riding for the sake of riding

My colleague and friend Zoe, she of the Trikidoo has been saving up her pennies and, after much deliberation, has chosen a bike. I went with her to the bike shop (Stonehenge Cycles in Salisbury) to pick it up. I’ve bought stuff from them before, they even ordered in my awesome poncho for me, and I’ve always been impressed by their customer service. However I was not prepared for how much their customer service would blow me away when watching them set Zoe’s bike up for her.

I knew they’d looked after her Trikidoo nicely, setting up her  dog basket etc and servicing it beautifully, so they knew Zoe. She’d been in once before to try out some bikes and be sized up for the bike, we were going in to pick up the made up bike. Zoe isn’t bikey (yet), but they were brilliant, the mechanic checked over the sizing carefully and made a few adjustments. Then he went through some basic maintenance tips, showed her how to get the wheels off, how to adjust the brakes. Took her through the gears and explained how they worked, made reccomendations for carrying things and which lock to buy and then checked and double checked she was happy with the set up.

Taking Zoe through the set up of her new bike

Taking Zoe through the set up of her new bike

They had done her a deal on some additional stuff like the water bottle, lights, saddle bag, pump etc. so the bike was fully kitted out. Two thumbs up to Stonehenge Cycles for customer service, they really looked after her and made sure the bike was perfect for her.

Zoe and I often work in our own offices so I only see her about twice a week. I got an email from her yesterday after she popped to the leisure centre on her bike at lunchtime:

I’m back – slightly delayed because I rode to the leisure centre on my fab new bike, and on the way back got distracted by the fun of riding a new bike in the sunshine, so took a longer route home. It’s lovely. I’m so in love with my bike! I now see why you enjoy riding so much..

Zoe's new bike, expertly and perfectly set up for her

Zoe's new bike, expertly and perfectly set up for her

That’s the beauty of a bike that is totally tailored to your needs. For someone who doesn’t ride much, getting hold of your perfect bike is an absolute revelation. I recall going for a ride with my brother in law along the Bradford to Bath towpath, and he shot on ahead quoting Withnail and I “I feel the fecund motion  of the soul!” as he exceeded the 10mph speed limit. There is that point when you ride when you find yourself grinning for no other reason than the sheer pleasure of riding a bike. I’m smiling now, remembering a perfect ride,  those moments where it just doesn’t matter where you’re actually going, what your speed is, or how many calories you’re burning. All you’re aware of is the bicycle, the rhythm of riding and the pleasure of being there in your present moment and how perfect it is. These moments of loving cycling just for the sake of cycling are to be savoured, enjoyed and recalled with happiness.

Almost as pleasing, is to see it in others.

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  1. Can’t argue with you there, cycling just catches you unawares at times.

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