I am still here

Hi, I am still riding, it’s just that I have so much work to do that whenever I am sat with my computer on I find that I can’t do anything non-work related without a feeling of panic rising in my gullet. I have some rides to blog, and news of a really great event coming up in Bristol in October.

Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes and congratulations through to John on getting his dream job, I’ll pass them on next time we go for a ride.

Thanks to Jim Paul’s latest comment, I will be pedaling into blogging action again very shortly. The idea in setting up this blog was that if I didn’t post for ages it would be because I hadn’t been riding – the resulting shame was supposed to make me get out on the bike – so cheers Jim for giving me a prod. Jim asks if I’ve been teaching the young-un about riding. Well I’m pleased to report that he’s onto his bigger bike now (even though it’s still a tiny bit too big for him) after we went to one of his friend’s parties where we rode down Collier’s way, and my eldest had the smallest bike (and the biggest crash – but that’s another post) which meant he had to pedal twice as hard as everyone else.

Here he is on the BMX I bought 2nd hand – sticker customisation, by the rider himself.

More soon. Thanks for coming back.

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  1. Hooray!

  2. Looking forward to reading your quality ride narratives soon.

  3. Came by via The Black Box.

    Good luck getting back into the saddle 😉

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