I have heard it said, that one of the hardest things to mount on your bike is a rear rack. I can confirm that this is pretty much true. I bought a cheap one from Tesco of all places, (it was further reduced due to some of the black finish being scraped off), in order to add it to the Shopper that I have been restoring. Upon realising with horror that I have once again forgotten to book my car in for its MOT, I decided to pop it on the Lemond Etape, to prepare for some possible commuting. Luckily the rack came with many different sizes of bolt and fixings and, nice touch, ny-lock nuts. Still there was a good 30 minutes of using tweezers to offer up nuts in confined spaces and also contorting myself round the bike to get enough torque to turn the hex keys. All done now though, the Rivendell panniers fit nicely and my laptop bag will fit in one of the panniers, leaving the other for a change of clothes. Now to check the weather for Monday’s commute to Salisbury…

…Hmmm, sunny intervals, sounds like the weatherfolks are hedging their bets.

I can’t wait to see John’s face when he sees the rack, he does despair of my non race-style additions to the bike and my attire. To be fair, carbon forks, aluminum frame and canvas panniers is not the most consistent look.

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  1. “…forgotten to book my car in for its MOT, I decided to pop it on the Lemond Etape…”

    reminded me of this: http://pictures.maircrosoft.com/fun/car-bike.jpg

    (came across your website… somehow… and my grandpa lives near devizes so your place names sound vaguely familiar…)

  2. Funny, I read back what I’d written and thought the same thing, but couldn’t be arsed to change it. Excellent picture.

    I don’t get out Devizes way much, but we often get within three or so miles around the town.

  3. I have a LeMond Reno that I’d like to put a rear rack on. What kind of rack did you use?

  4. Hello Charley – it was a cheap one from Tesco, even cheaper because it was reduced due to the black paint being scratched. What you may find is that you have the necessary screw holes by the hubs, but not at the seat-tube/rear-triangle interface. So you’ll need a rack that has the bits that attach to the thinner tubes of the rear triangle. No matter what you do with a cheap rack it’s going to look a bit bodged, as it does with my rack. If elegance for your bike is important then I recommend a bit of research. Rivendell Bicycle works have some fantastic, if pricey, solutions.

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