Morning at Mes Amis

I was working from home today and having an hour to spare, as my computer needed to be left alone to load up a video to YouTube, Lucy and I decided to cycle to Beckington for a coffee. Lucy is very much enjoying getting in as much exercise as possible in preparation for The Race for Life (see link in the right hand column and give her some sponsorship), even so, I was admonished in advance for speeding off or getting cross if she went slowly – I admit I have done that before. However, this time I was on the Brompton so it was unlikely that I was going to leave her standing. It took a while to get out of the village; Lucy’s bike kept making alarming noises as various things rubbed on the tyres, then I had to queue at the post office to get some cash out. Finally Lucy had to drop a permission slip off at school. Phew!

Lucy\'s Diamondback Topanga

Lucy’s Diamondback Topanga waits for her outside the school

We took the hill along the old coach road into Beckington and Lucy was surprised to find that she got get up easily, leaving me way behind chugging up on the Brompton. She said that only a year ago she had to walk up – so it was a great confirmation of her developing and improving fitness.

We freewheeled down to the Cafe Mes Amis – a splendid local coffee shop and food shop, packed to the hilt with ladies who lunch, but serving a fine selection of coffees, teas and tremendous cakes. This isn’t your normal tea shop, all scones and fustiness. No this is continental style, plenty of bustle, hissing coffee machines and a very active food counter doing a brisk trade. The owner has applied her great attention to detail, the style of the place is immaculate and the food looks incredible. Lucy and I watched with a certain amount of awe as a freshly made cake, literally dripping with fruit, was added to the display.

Coffee and tea at Mes Amis

Coffees and Teas at Mes Amis!

Coffees, teas and cakes having been consumed, we set off back to the village, but on the way I started loading up the Brompton’s bag with heads of elderflower, dripping with pollen. I had a mind to make some elderflower cordial. Lucy went on ahead, a long way ahead and I didn’t catch up with her until the outskirts of the village.

Back at the house I debagged the elderflower and went back to work, although heavy on my mind was the fact that I needed both oranges and lemons for the cordial, and a lot more sugar than we had in the house…

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