I should be cycling

A looming deadline has meant that I have had to work flat out this weekend, pretty much non-stop bar some eating, and now I’m so tired that I’m having to type slowly to avoid mistyping various words, it’s quite interesting because I’m typing how I sound when I speak right now, whichis mspomething like thius. So that’s me apologising in advance for the inevitable typos.

During one short break I helped my wife take the children down the road to their grandparents, and on the way back up a veritable peloton of cyclists hurtled along the high street, all dressed in race gear and riding well maintained, clean looking road bikes. It was a stirring sight and I had to refrain from clapping and cheering them on, as I was on my own and had none of the trappings of a cyclist on, they probably would have thought me to be being sarcastic. I cheered inside anyway, but their passing left me feeling low. There was no way I could get out for a ride, today I took an early morning cycle on the Brompton to the garage to get some milk, it was the last ride I can have for the next few days, at least until Thursday. It’s wonderful cycling weather too, not too hot, a very slight breeze… damn it! I’m almost considering taking a little ride now in the dusk!

I’ve booked a ride with John for Thursday evening, I reckon it’s the only thing that will get me through the next few days of work.

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