Mutha Uckas on bikes

I have to admit, I’ve lost fitness. John was thrashing me on the hills yesterday and today I just felt tired. Couple the tiredness with a really hard day, involving edge of desperation learning on the job style ohmygodthismustbedonebycloseofplaytonight and Idon’tknowhowtodoit style action, and one has the recipe for a day from hell. rarely do I feel so close to The Bonk when I’m not on the bike. However, it all came good by the evening, mission accomplished workwise and hey, I found this on You Tube, it summed up my day, too many mutha uckas ucking with my shi’ –  and it has bikes so I can post it here:

Both my wife and I had particular trouble with aching sides and difficulty breathing due to laughter, particularly when it gets to the dropped out words in the last verse… Granny Smith… Mango…

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  1. Ah, Flight Of The Conchords. Brilliant.

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