Operation Kestrel

Today saw Jez and Fiona of Novemberfive arrive in the village with a tremendous range of equipment. The idea was to launch an aerial photogrpahy unit, or ‘sky cam’ Jez had built, using his kite as a delivery vehicle. This was dubbed ‘Operation Kestrel’ due to the hovering nature of the camera. We spent some time tinkering with the unit in the workshop (headquarters of The Guild of Legendary Engineers) before taking two of my bikes to catch up with the others who had gone on ahead to the playing fields. The whole of the Mk 1. Kestrel Unit and transport device fitted into the front bag of the Brompton, along with a small box of tools and an extra kite to keep the kids amused.

Unfortunately, although it was sunny when we arrived at the playing fields, the weather quickly collapsed into heavy icy rain and biting winds. This meant we had to cut short the initial flights of Operation Kestrel, never-the-less, we gleaned a great deal of information from the couple of flights we got in. Although we didn’t get any aerial photographs we do have a really good idea of what we have to do next in order to ensure a successful flight. Operation Kestrel will recommence in a month or so’s time.

We had a great day with Jez and Fiona, who are always fantastic company, and I particularly enjoyed a bit of bicycling with Mr. Whitworth, a taste of more to come I hope, for we have plans, oh yes, we have plans.

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