High Water Everywhere

Well the rains are back, and things are looking pretty bad road-wise around here. Less than a week ago we had some incredibly heavy rainfall which led to almost instant flooding in the village. Three of the routes out became impassable and the river threatened to start crawling up the hill. The road to Telisford became a river, no tarmac could be seen. Yesterday I had an appointment in Bradford on Avon, it took me about three quarters of an hour to travel the five miles in and an hour to get out again. I sat in my car thinking it would have been a damnsight quicker to come in by bike. 

As I wrote before, bikes can really come into their own in times of flooding and disaster. Contrast this image from the BBC with the stranded cars and even lorries that have featured heavily in the news recently.

photo courtesy of the BBC

I have to go to the hospital tomorrow for a check up on the abscess, hopefully I’ll get the all clear, allowing me to get out on the bike again.

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