A Pain in the Bum

Well, I haven’t posted for two weeks and believe me I would give anything to be able to say it was because I have been lazy. The truth is much worse, I was rushed into hospital with an infected abscess, right on my bottom. It wasn’t good, the infection had got into my blood and lowered my immune system, I also had a virus. Three separate full-anesthetic operations were needed to drain and pack the abscess cavity, it was extremely painful and the sheer amount of opiate based pain killers I was on left me hallucinating and sick. Now I am back home with a wound that must be kept open for over a month to allow it to heal from the inside out. You know that old cliche you see in films where the patient on awakening after surgery asks the doctor “Doc will I ever be able to play piano again?” ? Well that was me except I was asking if I would be able to cycle again. The answer is thankfully yes, but not for several months. The good news is that two weeks of illness have brought me down to my target weight though not in a way I would condone or advise. I will spend my recovery time rebuilding some muscle where I want it to go (upper body to help with the climbing) and perhaps take up running in a couple of months. The LeMond needs a new bottom bracket, but now I guess I have until the Spring to get that sorted. When I am a bit more mobile I will clean and relube the bikes so they can go into storage for the Winter.

Now for the big question, did cycling cause the abscess. Well cycling can cause botty abscesses, paticularly in sweaty hairy-arsed gents, usually as a result of an ingrowing hair or bacteria getting into an open pore. Those abscesses are easy to treat and in many ways if I was going to have to have an abscess then that would be the one I would accept. Unfortunately I got the ‘just unlucky’ rarer type which starts as a ‘track’ in the bot-pipe itself. This means that part of the treatment is a big piece of rubber string holding the track open so it doesn’t heal closed and fill up again. On the bright side, there is a hole there now so when the rubber string comes out I could replace it with a gold ring and have an unusual piercing… maybe not.

Anyway it is not my intention to put this blog to sleep for the duration of my recovery, there is always plenty of cycling going on that can be reported or commented on. I also have a few cycle related projects in my panniers that can now have some attention given to them. Hopefully I will start getting some mobility back next week then I can make a start. Here’s what’s coming up:

  • A revised, complete history of the Highway Cycling Group including never published before photos
  • Cycle artwork
  • More cycling from Japan
  • Free downloads to help your cycling
  • Crazy cycle quest on the trail of Coleridge
  • The bicycles of my chums

Plus more, much more! Don’t go away!


When you’re out cycling, pedal a few cranks for me please.


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  1. Aww, MAN! No Good! I’m glad you’re still alive, I figured you had been enjoying too much riding at night and got squished under a car or something.
    About the (ahem) wound…are you going to be able to use the same saddle? Or will you need to change some things out? — Just nosy…glad you’re gonna be okay.

  2. Thanks Jim, I will be using the same saddle I guess, although maybe one of those cutaway jobs might be better – bit sporty for me though, I don’t even have clipless pedals yet. Things are healing up nicely although I was due to have an investigative operation today, I find myself sporting a cold, so it’s been cancelled. However, a nurse comes round to dress the wounds every day and says I’m recovering really quickly, that’s reason to be optimistic.

  3. Hello,

    I have the same injury, and was just searching online to see if this is a common thing that happes to cyclists. I am not sure if shaving my legs had anything to do with it since you mentioned the infection was caused by an in-grown hair or someting.. Anyways, my doctor said its my saddle. He did say I will have to stay off the bike for a month and get a custom made saddle if I choose to continue cycling. I guess he knew the answer to that after he saw the reaction on my face.. *smiles*

    Anyways, in the July 2009 issue of Bycling Magazine there is an ad for Allay Saddles. It looks very interesting, they have an comfort adjustable saddle that can also be used for racing. The design also absorbs the pressure “down there” in a unique way. Check it out, here is the website: http://www.allaysaddles.com/

    Good luck, and I also feel your pain!

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