Tuesday Ride IX: bicycling round the backlanes

Bradley had to work in the evening so he didn’t come out with myself and John. This meant we could ease off the normal pace and enjoy riding round the back lanes or “proper bicycling” as John called it, not racing, pacing or rushing. It felt nice, just what both of us needed I think. My bottom bracket was making all sorts of horrible knocking noises and it sounds like it’s on it’s way out. We started by going through Rudge then skirting Dilton Marsh, thereafter I just followed John as he took us around the small roads. I lost track of where we were several times, only getting my bearings as we crossed main roads or saw familiar church towers in the distance. As the light faded, not even a view of Westbury White Horse or the tower of white smoke from the cement works could guide me, the night was starless and the darkness getting closer. Heading towards Seend we sped along a country lane teeming with bats, never had I seen so many of the flying mammals, the air was full of them and their strange squeaking.

John cycles through the dark

By now it was truly dark, our lights on full we turned towards Trowbridge. We had been riding for nearly a couple of hours but had clocked up only around 25 miles, such was the relaxed nature of our riding I had barely touched my water bottle. Easing into the suburbs of Trowbridge side by side and enjoying the rhythm of cycling over the speed bumps, there was a flurry of movement from a garden on our right and a young roe deer sprung out from the shrubbery and across our path, our bike-lights picking it out and framing it perfectly mid-leap. Saying farewell to John, I headed back towards the village with only the unnerving knocking from my cranks as company.

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