Customized crashbike

The kids from next door asked if I knew how to get the forks off a bike. The younger had crashed his 20″ wheel bike and totalled the forks and front wheel. The eldest was donating the forks and wheel from his 26″ wheel MTB. I used my alligator grips to undo the forks and they swapped them over. The resulting hybrid is a masterpiece of hack-bikery, the kids were calling it a modern penny farthing.

hybrid bike

I made them promise they would always wear their helmets when riding it.

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  1. That particular rebuild would get lots of admiration from the people I ride with! I’m amazed the bearings and steertube worked out well, thank goodness for standard parts! Glad the kid likes it!

  2. The new fork’s tube is slightly too long for it, we used a rubber plumbing washer just to take off the extra mm or so and it works pretty well, not much wobble when steering, but still, it makes me nervous when I see them riding it. Mind you the same kid went down a slide at the local playground in a blue plastic barrel, the police have turned up to tell him to stop skateboarding down the hill (he switched to soapbox carting), so he’s pretty fearless.

    Cheers for your comment and thanks for reading.

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