No cycling blues, feeling ill, cheered up by Laura’s Blog from Japan

Youngest son was up from four this morning, I’m feeling a bit tired and ill, bit of a sore tummy. It would be nice to get the bike out today as it’s lovely and sunny, however I just don’t feel up to it. Luckily my old colleague Laura in Japan has blogged about a fantastic ride she recently undertook. Reading it made me feel so much better:

“Yesterday was a rather lovely day, so to escape the stifling heat in my apartment I slapped on the SPF 50 and went out on my bike. I had planned to see how far along the river I could go by following the small road that runs along my side of the confluence, but after city hall it became a smaller road and ended up circling round some sort of stone works and then up along a main tributary to the Tenryu river which I had cycled along before. Knowing where I was I decided to cycle up this way and see how close to Takato I could get”.

To read more and see some of her pictures from this lovely looking ride click here to go to the entry on her excellent blog.

Laura says that in Japan the attitude towards cyclists is much more tolerant than here, most people have a bike and cars give them loads of room, there’s no problem about cycling on the pavement, people just gently move out of the way, sounds fantastic.

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