Naughty Medicine

I was watching today’s overview of the Tour de France on ITV4 with my five year old son. He was very interested in what he was seeing and had remembered the “spotty shirt man was the one who was best at climbing”. He liked the idea that the winner got a yellow jersey, and the fact that Tom Boonen was ‘big’. But things got a bit tricky when the Vinokourov and Rasmussen stuff came up. Also he wanted to know why Bradley Wiggins was being talked to by Policemen and why he was going home. So I tried to explain about doping and as is often the way when you try and explain something a bit tricky to a child it comes out kind of half-cocked.


Vinokourov had been taking “naughty medicine” and was told that he and his friends weren’t allowed to ride their bikes in the race and that they all had to go home. Rasmussen had lied to his friends about where he was so everyone thought he was taking ‘naughty medicine’ and because no one likes a liar his friends said they weren’t friends any more and he had to go home by himself and sit in his room. One of Bradley Wiggins’ friends had been caught taking ‘naughty medicine’ and Bradley was cross with him because the policemen asked Bradley if he had taken ‘naughty medicine’. Bradley hates ‘naughty medicine’ and thinks people who take it are very silly and they should go home and have to sit by themselves for a long time and not be allowed in races. David Millar had taken some ‘naughty medicine’ but he had been on the naughty step for a long time and now he was allowed to race again, now he doesn’t like ‘naughty medicine’ and promised he won’t take any ever again. Finally Alberto Contador was a very good rider and hopefully he hasn’t taken any ‘naughty medicine’, if he has he is not allowed to keep his smart yellow jersey or his golden bowl, but he hasn’t taken any so it will be ok.

I think there’s a children’s book in there somewhere.

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