On riding to improve the average speed

The Tuesday ride was cancelled this week. John doesn’t have a chest infection, he does have a cold (or ‘man-flu’) and he sent me an inconclusive photo of his back wheel, which I am led to believe shows that it is ruined beyond repair. If he thinks this will get him out of riding up Brassknocker Hill then he is very much mistaken. To be fair he wasn’t looking well when I saw him on Monday.

So I had a rest day on Tuesday, especially needed after my gruelling ride through the wind on my 14.3 mile circuit on Monday.

Rode-Dilton-Westbury-Yarnbrook-North Bradley-Southwick-Rode

By the time the evening arrived on Wednesday the sky was looking clear and the wind had dropped considerably, so at 6pm I thought I’d have another crack at the circuit, pretty certain I could beat my personal best of 18.3mph average speed. I spun slowly out of the village, normally I get too excited and leave at around 25mph, which from cold always leaves me breathless for the little gradient up to the Beckington roundabout. This time I left at 17mph and continued at that speed until the downhill that leads under a railway bridge to the Dilton Marsh turn off. By the time I left Dilton Marsh I was averaging 20.1mph. It was important to build up a high average at this stage because there is nowhere to rest past the Yarnbrook roundabout and there’s a long faux plat leading up to Rode Hill, all those things will suck down the average speed. I find it best to head into that final quarter of the ride with a high average, knowing that I will lose a lot of it to the hills at the end. by the time I’d finished I had acheived an average speed on 19.3 mph, a full 1 mph faster than by previous personal best of 18.3 mph. I was very pleased and I think with a bit more work, I might be able to push 20mph in the not too distant future.

Interestingly enough someone asked me about average cycle speed earlier this week, and I know because of the tags I use I get a lot of people coming to this blog looking for what the average speed of a bicycle is, to this end I have created the Average Speed Page, click here to go there now!

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