Wash, degrease, dry, oil

Finally got round to washing the Mountain bike after Tuesday’s mudfest with John and Rob. I took it down to my parents-in-laws’ house (they have a big driveway) and with the help of my youngest son, gave the bike a really good scrub down. I even took the wheels off and totally cleaned the cassette, I haven’t seen it so shiny since about six years ago when I first replaced it. The bike itself is a good eleven years old (A ’96 Saracen Powertrax) and actually has aquitted itself really well. The only things that have been replaced are the handlebar stem, the rear wheel and cassette, the bottom bracket, brake blocks, tyres, saddle… looking at it, it’s quite a bit really. The original tyres still live on, I put one of them (Richey Z max 1.75) as the rear for my wife’s bike (Diamondback Topanga) which gives her plenty of grip for her type of riding, farm tracks and canal paths. It’s also worn down enough to go on a turbo trainer so she can ride even when it’s raining, like today. Back to my mountain bike, it’s heavy and it has no suspension, but it’s really done me proud, and now it’s looking cleaner than it has for about six years.

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