Landis, LeMond, Cooke

I have tried to steer clear of any detailed news about the Floyd Landis doping case, I find it so depressing that the sport has reached this low a level. A recent article in the American magazine Bicycling to which I subscribe, gave readers the option to make a judgement based on the key evidence submitted by both sides of the story. I have to say that I came out against Landis, a lot of his defence is irrelevant to whether or not he actually took an illegal substance during the Tour, and from what I can see, it looks like he did. However my wife bought this week’s Cycling Weekly and there was a story of how Landis’ camp tried to blackmail Greg LeMond (the first American to win the Tour) into not testifying against Landis. It has completely shocked me and ruined what remained of Landis’ tattered reputation, in my eyes anyway:

See this link to Cycling News for the full appalling story.

We desperately need a clean Tour de France this year. Thank goodness for Nicole Cooke. As men’s cycling slowly implodes into doping, corruption, blackmail and scandal upon scandal, women’s cycling is stronger than ever, with a British champion at the helm. What a pity that this fantastic athlete receives scant coverage outside of the cycling press.
Nicole Cooke - champion cyclist

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