New/Old Crankset

The postman brought me a package of sheer joy today. A few days ago I ‘won’ a crankset on ebay (it was easy, I was the only bidder). I’m going to use it on my rebuilt Alpine 10 (see the Bicycles of the Highway Cycling Group page for details of this bike). Although it’s new to me, it’s actually a 1949 Raleigh set, and that’s what really excited me, the ‘spider’ as it’s now known (the material between the outer cog and the hole for the shaft, nowadays that is ususally made of two separate materials bolted together, the spokes that join the cog to the centre now resemble a spider’s legs, hence the name) is cut from a single piece of material and instead of spokes, it’s cut into the shape of three herons’ heads, the heron being the symbol of Raleigh bikes, as seen on the headbadge of Raleigh bicycles, even today.
Raleigh crankset
As I’m converting the bike to six-speed I figured I needed a slightly smaller drive on the front, this one is about halfway between the two current rings on the Alpine 10, so it will give me a higher cadence in cruising, but will make the lower gears a little easier on the hills. To be honest I anticipate a lot of getting off to push on the big hills, but it is going to be a heavy bike with all the racks and stuff I’ve got planned for it. ‘Grinding the big gear’ to get up to 30mph is out of the question, I have to admit that at its best it only ever hit around 26mph on the flat anyway. I’m a long way off putting the cranks on, but it’s good to get everything ready, and at the princely sum of two of your British Pounds for the crankset, I just couldn’t resist buying now.

Right! No matter what the weather, I’m going for a big ride tomorrow morning.

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  1. I love that it’s called a “win” when you buy something. I wish all shopping were like that. At this very moment, my dear husband is at the store, “winning” me some drain opener, onions, and catfood.
    Most interesting: those items are related, in a long story kinda way.

  2. Great to see. Do you want anything more in this line? I am in New Zealand and this comes up all the time at a fraction of the pirce of ebay. Take the whole bike for eg.I have raleigh Bermuda converted toi 10 speed crank. have all the cotter pedals and 60 straight spoked crank spare.Fabulous page layout btw… oozes with authority

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