Pasty Run

Hunger struck hard as I was working away in my workshop/studio/shed this morning, the wife and youngest child had gone out to get some shopping, come twelve o’clock I couldn’t wait any longer for food. Powered only by a large mug of Santos and Java extra strong coffee I took off for the local 24hr garage, my vehicle of choice was the Brompton. The carrying cage in combination with the stuff bag means I can carry a surprising amount of quite bulky things (my record is four copies of Nick Mason’s history of Pink Floyd, it’s a VERY big book, handling was affected). Pootling out of the village under very heavy skies, I meant to cross the A36 to get to the old Beckington road, but a lorry was being towed and the resulting tailback made it impossible to cross the two lanes of traffic without being hedgehogged to the tarmac.
waiting on the Brompton
With the threat of rain becoming more tangible and the almost immediate onset of boredom, I scooted left and slipped down the inner margin of the road, about 50cm out from the gutter, merrily tinging the built-in bell as I ambled past the slow-moving traffic. A somewhat hairy right turn on the very fast Beckington roundabout saw me onto the garage forecourt to purchase a cheese and onion pasty with some lemonade (in a glass bottle, fancy!).

On the way back I noticed some wild poppies in amongst the edges of a field and stopped to take some pictures, something I never would have spotted from the driver’s seat of a car. There were a lot of other wildflowers too, but poppies are the only ones I recognised. I got back to the house to find that the shopping had only just arrived, therefore it seemed to me quite obvious that if I hadn’t gone on the pasty run I could very well have died of hunger during the wait.poppy

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