Dilton Marsh

Took a little spin out to Dilton Marsh, essentially to tackle a hill called ‘The Hollow’. It’s pretty steep and very narrow with high wooded banks. A cyclist enters the woods at the base one sunny late afternoon and is immediately plunged into a dusk-like oppressive atmosphere. The trees and banks restrict the view of the road ahead which is used as a fast cut-through from Westbury to the A36. This adds an element of danger to the ride, struggling up the hill in the granny gear you don’t want to be confronted by a 4×4 hurtling down the hill, there’s just nowhere to go but on the bonnet. It’s a short climb, but it feels like every atom of oxygen has been sucked out of my body by the time I reach the top. I still have plenty of strength, my legs don’t hurt, but I just can’t get enough oxygen into my lungs. Still, I’ve never had to walk it, unlike a companion in a charity cycle ride, who upon seeing the hill simply exclaimed “oh f*** off!”, dismounted and walked it. At the top there is a nice house on the crossroads with a bright red letterbox and a suitably weathered sign for the Hollow.the top of the hollow

Going back down again I can hit 33mph, the poor visibility on the hill means I daren’t go flat out for fear of hitting someone coming up. It does mean that I am going pretty fast when I hit the 30mph sign at Dilton Marsh, there is something perversely satisfying about breaking the speed limit on a bike, though it is VERY naughty and gives cyclists a bad name, so don’t do it.

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